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The need to hire a CAD and BIM outsourcing company

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, you are in need of professional help from a CAD and BIM outsourcing company. Are you engrossed in CAD and BIM projects and seem to not have any time to spare for the expansion of your business? Are your employees not well-equipped with government BIM compliance standards in your country, and are you on the lookout to maximize your money and time? Do you have the burning desire to take your company to the next level? Are your employees lacking the expertise on industry best practices? Is your proficiency in BIM and CAD design not something to be proud of? Are you missing the deadlines for CAD and BIM projects with increasing frequency?

If you answered yes for the questions above, your business is in a dangerous state and you need immediate help from a professional CAD and BIM outsourcing company. We, at Verve Engineering are professional CAD and BIM outsourcing company We have added tremendous value through a host of our service portfolio to players in the AEC industry.

As one of the leading CAD and BIM outsourcing company, it is our responsibility to educate the industry with facts regarding CAD and BIM outsourcing since many are still skeptical about CAD and BIM outsourcing.

Facts about CAD and BIM outsourcing

1. CAD and BIM outsourcing costs less than hiring in-house employees

Hiring a full time CAD and BIM manager is more expensive than hiring a CAD and BIM outsourcing company when the need arises. A full time manager will have to be paid even when there are no projects to be completed. On the contrary, you are only going to hire us when there are projects to be completed.

2. We are accessible 24 hours a day for 7 days a week

There need not be any worry regarding the availability and accessibility of the CAD and BIM outsourcing company. As one of the top and leading CAD and BIM outsourcing companies, we put our clients first.

3. Projects details are highly secured and confidential

There seem to be a worry among businesses that outsourcing firms will leak the important details. Worry not. All your project details are kept secured and confidential since integrity is our utmost priority. It is governed by strict agreements around non-disclosures and confidentiality.

Engaging a highly professional CAD and BIM outsourcing company, will boost not just performance externally but also enhance internal profitability.