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What is MEP coordination service?

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. MEP coordination services bring together all these building services and other aspects such as building fabric, structure and external envelope which are steel and concrete to name a few. Building services refer to heating, ventilation and air conditioning; commonly known as HVAC.

MEP coordination services requires a team commonly comprised of MEP consultant, an MEP contractor, trade-specific MEP and firefighting subcontractors, fabricators, installation, and maintenance specialist.

The MEP consultants prepare the 3D MEP coordinated drawings and pass them on to the MEP contractor. The MEP contractor is responsible for the installations and fabrication. More often than not, the MEP contractor will need to redraw the consultant's design to ensure all the aspects and details fit best.

This alteration and redraw might result in more time consumption and budget stretch. This is where MEP coordination services play a big role. We, at Verve Engineering are proud to say that we are one of the leading MEP coordination service providers in the region.

Advantages of MEP coordination services

MEP coordination services integrate the designs early on. This prevents conflicts and consequently, positively impacts the overall project.

1. MEP coordination services reduce project rework and material waste

Mistakes done during the planning stage can waste a lot of time. When these mistakes are overlooked and are brought into the construction stage, materials and time are wasted. MEP BIM Modeling helps to remove conflicts early. This prevents the waste of materials and time later on.

2. MEP coordination services offer more competitive bids

MEP drawings and detailed models are accurate and gives the edge to the team when it comes to offering BID. Modeling also helps to estimate the cost of the project accurately. Design conflicts can be prevented early on and ensures the drawings and models are accurate.

3. MEP coordination services streamline the build process

MEP coordination services use virtual project planning and 3D modeling. This reduces delays in the completion of the project and streamlines the build process. Conflicts can be addressed early on by streamlining with the use of weekly design review meetings.

Coordinating early on helps to avoid conflicts and reduces project waste. MEP coordination services leads to quality and cost-effective constructions. Verve has partnered with many clients globally to deliver high value MEP coordination services using latest technology.