BIM Services


What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become highly popular in architectural companies as well as engineering companies. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is software that uses computable data and creates accurate and detailed representation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is considered as one of the greatest innovation in the AEC industry since it is of great benefit to businesses and companies. Building Information Modeling (BIM) results in the increased coordination between disciplines as well as greatly reduces the overall construction waste and rework. Consequently, a huge amount of money and time can be saved.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates 3D models and allows the addition of information to an existing model. This is deemed to be very useful in cost estimation, energy analysis, scheduling, and the management of facilities.

Increased collaboration between disciplines

The increasing popularity of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has resulted in architects, structural engineers, MEP consultants, MEP engineers, main (general) contractors, cost estimators and fabricators collaborating easily to ensure smooth designing and planning stages. This is more so when it comes to large scale construction projects which requires the communication between different teams. There will be different types of designs and models from the professionals working on the project. BIM enables them to stay linked and coordinated besides holding review sessions.

Higher Degree of Pre-Fabrication

Building Information Modeling (BIM) models are highly beneficial for pre-fabrication purposes. It is used to boost the logistical cycle in the construction site since parametric modeling techniques in MEP design and planning are being used widely. Combining BIM design data with CNC fabrication applications such as FAB MEP enables the creation of fabrication drawings that can be recognized by CNC machines. BIM-driven pre-fabrication will also simplify the installation process and greatly reduces the chances for miscalculations. This, in turn saves a huge amount of money, time, and energy.

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