BIM Case Studies
BIM Case Study 1


  • Less than 2 weeks for submission of architectural model and structural element including pile foundations for BCA standard
  • Complex modelling involving more than 25 ramps in and around the building to be made as per accessibility standards
  • Wavy aluminium and glass façade curved in both plan and elevation posing challenges in modelling


  • The digital architectural and structural models were used to verify the quantities given by the contractor.
  • A dedicated team of modelers and designers enabled the BIM model creation in complete compliance to BCA requirement
  • Various ramps inside and outside the building were created in 3D, so creating sections along the ramp took much lesser time than doing it in Autocad.
  • Incorporation of the curvy aluminium façade in 3D, through skilled expertise of chief BIM Modeler creating a "WOW" impact for architect and client


  • Enabled the client to meet the stringent BCA submission requirement in unimaginable time frame
  • The architectural and structural models were further used to verify quantities given by the contractor
  • MEP consultants used the architectural and structural BIM models to detect the clashes before starting the project
  • The client was able to visualize the changes made by the architect along the course of the project
  • Sections were accurate since the façade was created in 3D based on the shop drawings of contractor.